April 1, 2017
South High School
3131 S 19th Ave
Mpls, MN 55407
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Image of the South Minneapolis Housing Fair booths

The South Minneapolis Housing Fair is THE PLACE to learn and get inspiration.

About the South Minneapolis Housing Fair

The South Minneapolis Housing Fair is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Fair is governed by a board of directors which oversees all its educational activities, and is supported by an Advisory Committee that plans the annual Housing Fair. The Fair is produced for the benefit of all Minneapolis residents by representatives from neighborhood organizations.

The board and advisory group welcome anyone interested in helping with the work of improving Minneapolis neighborhoods and their housing stock.  Representatives from neighborhood organizations and businesses working on housing and home improvement are especially invited to consider joining the board of directors or advisory committee. Please contact Jessica Edwards at jes@jesedwards.com if you are interested! We’d love your input!

Thank you to the following individuals and neighborhood organizations for their participation in planning the housing fair.  


Planning team and advisory committee:
Bob Buck, Buck Brothers Construction
Jessica Edwards, Coldwell Banker Burnet
Gretchen Kuriger, Fair Manager
Gwen McMahon, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization
Luke Stultz, Bancroft Neighborhood Association
Rita Ulrich, Community Volunteer
Doug Walter, Community Volunteer
Doug Wise, Seward Neighborhood Group

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City of Minneapolis Department of Neighborhood and Community Relations
Buck Brothers Construction
Jessica Edwards Coldwell Banker
Orfield Construction
Quarve Contracting Logo
Dave Knutson Siding